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Thursday, August 2, 2012

*Teaching Maddeness*: New {School} Year Resolutions...Link Up!

Today I am linking up with Amanda Mann at

Resolution #1:  Be more organized. I want to keep those piles of things that stack up my desk (and some time in a basket) put away each day. My resolution is to put everything back in its place at the end of the day instead of letting it stack up for a week or two.

Resolution #2: Go home at a reasonable time. I tend to get busy working on little things, talking with co-workers and then end up staying at school until 5:00 or 5:30 each day. I am going to work on using my time more wisely and getting things done on time.

Resolution #3: Take more pictures in the classroom. I tend to get busy and then at the end of the day it hits me “I should have taken pictures”. My goal is to at least take a few pictures each week to document student progress and what is happening in the class and of course share them with you.

Resolution #4: Do a better job of blogging and sharing what I am doing in the class with you. I started this blog last summer, but as school started, I only took a few times to stop and share what was happening in the classroom.

Those are my resolutions for this coming year. Be sure and stop by Teaching Madness and join Amanda’s linky party.


Lisa R.

I definitely agree with #3. I am horrible at remembering to take pictures. I always seem to forget my camera for important events. My plan this year is to buy a camera to keep in the classroom at all times. :)
Learning Is Something to Treasure

Miss Trayers

I always end up staying too long talking too. I find that if I make myself blog more, it makes me do better things with the kids. If I don't have a great project to write about in a week, we need to get going and do one! Great resolutions! :)


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