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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Classroom Pics

Welll, today I went to my classroom to work and I might say I did get a few things done. I moved everything back on the carpet and have most things arranged. I even managed to get a few of my boards done. This is the wall outside my classroom.
 I put up part of my word wall, just waiting on a letters and words to be laminated.
I added my new jungle calendar pieces to my Calendar math pocket chart from Lakeshore Learning. (Love it!) and of course my awesome Promethean Board. This is our group meeting area.

   The white tubs will be my math stations. I still need to label them and my center chart is on the wall. It is 2 sided so I'll have math stations on one side and literacy on the other. The listening center is in the corner and my 2 computers on the back wall. The door is a bathroom.
 My desk is in the back corner. I still need to organize the shelves and student mail box are at the end of my desk close to my small group table and the computers.

The North side of the classroom is the writing, ABC/Word, overhead and reading stations

This is the view from the door coming into the class. I have 3 groups of desks. 

The last picture is looking back toward the door to the hallway. I have shelving across the wall leading out into the hallway.

closer view of my jungle themed wall in the hall.


Busy Bees

Looks like you have a great start to your classroom!! I went in today, too and got a lot done.

Christina Bainbridge

I love peeking into other teachers' rooms! Thanks for sharing!

Mrs. Bainbridge's Blog

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